Benedikte Bergh Iversen ↗

The Ocean, The Horizon

I grew up on an island and was onboard a boat for the first time as a 7 or 8 month old baby. The sea has something very calming over it, but I was also taught to respect the sea. To use a life jacket onboard. To use the dead man’s stop while driving a boat. Just in case. In a way, I was kindly reminded that the sea is something for us to enjoy and take advantage of, but also to remember that it just as easily can take something, or someone, away from you.
I was curious how others relate to the sea. How and if your background and career path has impacted this? I decided to reach out to friends and family, and collect their thoughts on the subject.

The Ocean, The Horizon, is a conversation with various people about the sea and their relationship with it. The people I’ve talked to have different backgrounds, some are working on ships as machinists or mates, some are marine biologists and others, like me, grew up with the sea around them.

This is an ongoing project.