Rafael Roncato ↗

The wireless anatomy of man

“We thoroughly subscribe to the advance of science and the lines of force in the atom bomb, but we forget the same type of potent and polarized lines of force in the human body which are equally explosive.”

— Dr. Randolph Stone

It's known that electrical devices' interconnection nearly always requires correct polarity to be maintained; however, what's the outlet if one of the poles is overcharged by its opposite? The Wireless Anatomy of Man is a mysterious scientific photography archive depicting The Hague toward a possible future, where such unbalanced polarization — an outcome of a rushed and precarious 5G full rollout — swept everything in its path.

Through photography and an unseen menace, the series puts into perspective the representation of multiple and opposite uncertainties throughout society. It operates within a reality where the present and future co-exists to question how hyperconnectivity is an ambiguous tool for simultaneously improving and destroying humanity.

Here, science-fiction isn't to predict neither to prevent the future. It's a method to explore the emotions around that grey zone of uncertainty—that thin line between paranoia and awareness. In the end, this work still poses the question: under which circumstances can we share one single reality again?